Star Naming Service
Description of Services / Disclaimer

1. The Service:           
Doncaster Astronomical Society offers users the opportunity to name a star. While nobody can own an actual star, the purchaser receives a high-quality certificate, a Chart of the Star's location and permanent registration of the name of their choice with Doncaster Astronomical Society maintained by the said Society.

2. Disclaimer:
Doncaster Astronomical Society Star Naming Registry is a private registry and is not affiliated with any governmental entities or educational institutions. The Society does not have the authority to confer legal title to the named star. The Service provided by Society Star Naming Registry is limited to the purchase of a certificate, a Chart of the star's location and permanent registration of the name of your choice with the Star-Naming-Registry maintained by Doncaster Astronomical Society.

We aim to choose stars that are circum-polar, they will be available to see all year round. They'll be of the SAO series (Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory) and from the Hipparchos Catalogue made up from the work of the Hipparchus Satellite, that operated in the early 1990s. It investigated and accurately set the location of more than 100,000 stars. It gives more data on the star than most other catalogues, and there are many catalogues. Associated with the Hipparchos Catalogue is the Tycho Catalogue, whose data was gained by the same satellite on the same mission, it increased the number to 2,500,000 stars with a little less detail.

We will photograph the star for you or locate it in a star chart, with a wider field of view so you can recognise where it is. We'll also be able to show it to you when you come to our observatory at the Austerfield Study Centre.

This is an instance of the Certificate you will be given and a Star Chart indicating the location of your named star. In this case it's SAO19828, an orange star near the lower part of the Constellation Cepheus.

If you're interested in Naming a Star, the cost is £10, click on this address.